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The New Dawn

Hi Friends,
Day and Night, Light and Darkness, Life and Death, Good and Bad, Positive and Negative…our World is made of these two opposites. Yet when it comes to News-the daily happenings around us, the ones that most attract our attention, unfortunately, are the Negative News..bomb blasts, deaths, war pictures, celebrity fights, political feuds or so. In this largely available negative news, we seldom notice or remember Positive News..an innovation large or small, how beneficial a Govt. scheme has been, change in attitude towards life of someone who has escaped a big accident or disease and so on. The duty of our Goodness Apple is to bring such Positive News to your doorstep..err..computer window

We ask for your support in carrying out this endeavour. Lets be Positive!! 🙂

– Sakthi and Killi.

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