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Pitch for your School competition by EduRaft(India)

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Pitch for your School competition

History of the event

It was a just another normal day at EduRaft, collecting information about schools, talking with parents, students, etc. During one such routine, we noticed how enthusiastically the students described their school and spoke about their teachers. We could see the passion with which the students explained everything related to their school.

Eureka!!!! We got an idea.

If the students are so passionate and committed when they talk about their school, why not use the same to bring out their creativity. Why not create a platform wherein the children can showcase these skills?

With this idea in mind, we decided to create a platform where every student will be given an equal opportunity to come forward and exhibit his/her skills and tell everyone why he/she believes that his/her school is the best.

The Event in Detail

We at EduRaft believe that restriction, rules and regulations hamper the exhibition of one’s talent. So, in this event, we decided not to restrict one’s horizon with too many rules and regulations.

The event is very simple. “Pitch for your school”.

We are not going to tell you how it has to be done. You are free to do whatever you want. You can write an essay, recite a poem, make a video, sketch/paint or collect a bunch of photos, the ultimate agenda of the pitch is to bring out why your school is the best.

The event is online event where all participants are required to upload their pitch on EduRaft’s site after registering. The event is open to students from class VI to XII. The students are divided into three groups

Sub Junior Group Class VI to VIII
Junior Group Class IX to X
Senior Group Class XI to XII

Participants can participate under any of the two categories – Arts or Literature.

Arts: Arts category includes painting, drawing, sketching, photography, video, etc.

Literature: Literature category includes essay, poem or any other form of writing.


After the submission, the pitches will be opened up for public voting. There will also be an external panel of judges, comprising of renowned persnalities from the fields of education, arts and science who will rate the entries. The public votes carry a weightage of 80% and the judges’ rating carry a weightage of 20%.

Under each group three winners will be selected for each of the two categories (total of 18 winners) and awarded the First, Second and Third Prizes. Prizes include Tablets, ipods, mp3 Players, Pen Drives, Robotic Kits, DIY Electronics Kits, Books and many more.

Top 20 entries from each group and each category (total of 120) will be awarded gift vouchers worth Rs.1500

Top 1000 entries will receive an appreciation certificate

Use all your creative talent to bring out the best and tell us why you think your school is the best.

Timelines for the Event

Registration From 15th September 2012 to 21st October 2012
Submission of Pitch Till 21st October 2012
Voting of Pitch From 22nd October 2012 to 28th October 2012
Felicitation Ceremony 04th November 2012

What are you waiting for? Register for the event, make a pitch and win loads and loads of exciting prizes.

First 100 registrants will get a surprise gift

First 1000 registrants will get gift vouchers worth Rs.250

Hurry!!! Register right away and share this news with your friends and family.


Click below for the actual web link

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Street Symphony – A Musical theraphy

Robert Gupta and his Street Symphony group is creating magic through music. Indeed a great deed by transforming people’s lives for good.

Check this news article from good magazine below to see the potential and power of music.

Creativity Vs Autism

Michael Madore says creativity helped him to fight and succeed Aspergers’s Syndrome, a form of autism


For news on this, check the below link:


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If Walls Could Talk – an art project to acknowledge human emotions

December 26, 2011 Leave a comment

“If Walls Could Talk” is an public art project with a mission to connect the incarcerated mothers in Rikers Island with their children outside through art.

Please join this great mission of recognizing the emotions of the incarcerated mothers and their children outside by pledging the project on Kickstarter using the below link.


To fund this project through this Kickstarter link   :

About the artist/project owner  :

Journey with an Action

A Sibling journey

Siblings Kassidy and Ryan Brown created Journey of Action, an independent production company that produces short documentaries on Generation Y Change-Makers.

The project is based on the belief that this generation is aware of our social and environmental challenges we face on a local and global level, but they lack daily tools for action. At the same time, there are so many members of this generation who are changing the traditional systems of business, non-profits, and education for the better, but they receive little to no media attention.

Reference Link

Journey Of Action

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‘Go Do Good’ Downtown Chicago Art Installation Inspires Good Deeds

Balachander gets Dadasaheb Phalke award

Reference link :

Courtesy : The Hindu

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