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What Kenyan students’s startup could do that a big telecommunications giant Airtel couldn’t do!

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Check out the inside story on what a team of Kenyan graduate students’s startup did during a Spring internship with a pay of $150 a month that Bharti Airtel proposed for $1.9 million


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The Versalette by {r}evolution apparel

The Versalette by {r}evolution apparel

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About this project

Our Story

We believe that you can have more with less. And that’s why we designed the Versalette — a multifunctional piece that can be worn over 15 different ways. Made in the USA with 100 percent recycled fabric, the Versalette proves that we can have more options with less clothes in our wardrobe.

The Versalette can be worn as a skirt, dress, hood, scarf, purse, poncho & more — and is essential for travelers and women looking to minimize their wardrobes, reduce their footprint, and still have creativity with their clothing options.

We design for women like us — travelers, minimalists, adventurers and conscientious consumers. We are inspired by the idea that every mindful purchase makes a big difference.

Your Contribution

With the help of Kickstarter and people like you, we’ll be able to start producing the Versalette here in the USA. Our signature piece is the first of an entire line that focuses on ultra-versatile and sustainably-designed women’s wear. Your support means we can turn the Versalette into a reality, start selling on our website, and ship our design to boutiques around the country!

The Rewards

We’ve got some sweet rewards for our supporters, and we hope you’ll give us the opportunity to return the generosity to you. We can’t do this without you, so if you jive with our mission, please help us by sharing and spreading the word.


(More info about how these rewards are printed and made in the Rewards column on the right.)


All of these rewards make for great holiday presents! They’re literally the gifts that keep on giving…

Because we’ll still be chugging along in production for the entire month of January, we’ll personally send you an e-card (saves paper!) to give to your friends and family to let them know they’ll be receiving a gift from you and {r}evolution apparel for the holidays.

So, you have one less gift to wrap, and who doesn’t love getting presents in March?

Why We Design

We are adventurers by nature, driven by a need to see, touch, taste and feel.

Traveling through developing countries with just a pack on our backs has forced us to think about needs. Real needs.

When surrounded by poverty our lavish lives back home seem less and less fulfilling. The things in our cluttered apartments become meaningless. It’s just us and our backpacks in a place that no longer seems a world away. Life becomes something else — and it has nothing to do with buying the latest iPhone or a new pair of jeans.

It has become more about the effects of pesticides for cotton crops and the hardships of exploitative factory work. All so that the rest of us can consume. And throw out. And consume again. Over and over, until we realize that things will never truly fulfill us.

We have been fortunate to experience countries so rich in culture, so full of life, that we can’t seem to shake one repeating thought:

We don’t need all of that.

Even more, we can’t reason why the developing world should bear the brunt of our consumption. Environmentally. Economically. Personally.

And that’s how our {r}evolution began. The Versalette was designed to allow minimalists and travelers (like us) to live with less — while also having the confidence that their purchase supports locally-made and recycled fabrics.

We want to create clothes that are good for the world, on every level. The Versalette is the first step, so we thank you in advance for your help!

Kristin & Shannon

Share Our Story

We tweet (a lot) at @AllofUsRev.

We’re also Facebook addicts, and just set up a brand new {r}evolution apparel fan page. You can truly help us out by sharing the link and telling your friends.

We’ll be giving away a Versalette to one of our Facebook fans at the end of our Kickstarter campaign, so make sure to “like” our new page!

We’ve been blogging since the day we started our business. The ups, downs, fights, disasters and sweet successes. Subscribe to our blog and stay in the loop with weekly updates!

And lastly, visit our brand new website to see the entire look, explanation of production, and more on who we are:

*A Note on Sizing* – ONE SIZE FITS MOST


Since this piece is pretty unusual and can’t be “sized” we encourage everyone to look carefully at dimensions above and take a measurement if you’re in question.

The hips are the most vivacious (and awesome) part of a woman’s body. Standard US sizing goes like this:

Misses Size 6 – 32.5” hips
Misses Size 18 – 42” hips
The Versalette – 48” across hips, bust, thighs

Measuring the circumference of the arms is also important.
Typically this is what women measure:
Misses Size 6 – 9.75”
Misses Size 18 – 12”
The Versalette – 16”

If you’d like a looser fit, be sure to measure yourself and maybe a few of your favorite tee’s. The Versalette was designed to fit most, but we’ve all got different bodies and all prefer different fits. So, take a close look at our measurements – and if you do receive your Versalette and are unhappy with the size, we will absolutely return your Kickstarter donation in full.

If you need a more snug fit, the Versalette is designed to make those adjustments, too. The armhole can be buttoned up for smaller arms, and the drawstrings allow for tightening where you need it.

*A Note to Our International Backers*

We’ve made some great friends overseas during our travels, and we want you guys to be a part of this, too! While we aren’t planning on selling the Versalette worldwide, we will absolutely ship our rewards to friends in other countries!

If we could, we’d ship for free. But we’re not quite there yet! So if you’re not located in the US, please add a shipping donation to your pledge.

$35 Pledge – add $4

$50 Pledge – add $6

$100 Pledge – add $6

$200 Pledge – add $8

$300 Pledge – add $10

$500 Pledge – add $12

$1000 Pledge and up – add $18

Contact information:
Kristin Glenn, Denver, CO, 417-274-1650,
Shannon Whitehead, Austin, TX, 781-799-4742,

Company information:
Business name: {r}evolution apparel
Company name: All of Us Revolution LLC

Relevant links:
Facebook (company)
Facebook ({r}evolution apparel)

Startup Apparel Company Launches Revolutionary Piece

Nov. 17, 2011 – Austin, TX & Denver, CO

{r}evolution apparel introduces its signature piece, the Versalette — a multi-functional garment that can be worn over 15 different ways. It’s made in the USA with 100 percent recycled materials.

The boot-strapped clothing company was started by entrepreneurs, Kristin Glenn (25) of Denver, CO and Shannon Whitehead (26) of Austin, TX, in September 2010. The idea for a minimalist, travel clothing line was sparked after backpacking around the world as recent post-grads.

This is their first piece brought to market through the crowd-funding site The company plans to raise capital through pre-sales of the Versalette and will begin production pending the success of the campaign. The goal is to raise $20,000 by Dec. 22.

Glenn, a business major at Tulane University, and Whitehead, a journalism major at the University of Florida, met in Australia in 2008 while trying to escape corporate America. They reconnected on Facebook in 2010 and made it their mission to create a business that would improve the exploitative fashion industry.

Glenn and Whitehead hope to “revolutionize fashion” with the Versalette, and later, the 10 other ultra-functional pieces of their line. The company was founded on the premise of “doing more with less” by designing versatile apparel, promoting sustainable production methods, and encouraging others to make mindful purchases.

After visiting organic cotton farms in Nicaragua, eco-friendly factories in North Carolina, and sourcing fabric samples from all over the world, they have found an American manufacturer that shares a similar mission and set of values.

Pre-sales of the Versalette are available on

See contact information below, and view the press kit and lookbook.


Contact information:
Kristin Glenn, Denver, CO, 417-274-1650,
Shannon Whitehead, Austin, TX, 781-799-4742,

Company information:
Business name: {r}evolution apparel
Company name: All of Us Revolution LLC

Relevant links:
Facebook (company)
Facebook ({r}evolution apparel)

Portland Conference aims at Sustainable Business Ideas

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